Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pain free hemorrhoid surgery

Has anyone you know ever had a Hemorrhoids (piles) operation? I bet they retell the story with horrors of pain and long recovery?

Well did you know 50% of the population suffer from some grade of Hemorrhoid and only 10% will seek treatment. On the subject of grades, there are 4 grades of Hemorrhoids. Grade 1 can be treated by medication but Grade 4 is considered a prolapse and requires surgery. PAIN!!!!!

Any Hemorrhoid that is outside is considered a high grade and vica verca. If you are currently suffering from some grade, I sympathise with you. If you are in the higher grade range here please I implore you to see a physician, I have Doctors at good private Hospitals in Gauteng South Africa I can refer you to.

For those of you who have never had some form of haemorrhoid you lucky so and so. Without trying to be gross let me enlighten you.

You have constant itching and spotting of blood, it is uncomfortable to say the least. The list of symptoms and emotions the sufferer endure are intolerable. Well enough said about that, the better....

There is hope at hand! There is a product on the market that not many Hemorrhoid sufferers are familiar with. I would go so far as to say some General Surgeons are not familiar with the technique. Yet the technology is about 9 years old. (A general surgeon will do the operation. Your GP may refer you to a General Surgeon. So an extra consultation out of your medical savings account.)

The product is called the HAL-RAR. (Hemorrhoids Arterial Ligation-Rectal Anal Repair.)

It is a pain free way to cure the problem with surgery. Simply no cutting, rubber banding, stapling or laser of the Hemorrhoid by a surgeon at all. They are simply putting a stitch around the artery to create equilibrium. By doing this stitch you already stop the itching and the bleeding of the Hemorrhoid. That is the HAL (Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation) part, or if you like, stage 1 of the operation. This HAL part is for lower grade, grade 2 and early stage 3, Hemorrhoids.

I would also say that the grades are subjective, meaning that its debate able what stage you are in. Having said that it is better to go seek treatment before the Hemorrhoid gets more advanced, as the grade is not important to you the sufferer and cure is! Also as painless as possible. (First do no harm! Where have I heard that?)

The RAR (Rectal Anal Repair) part Stage 2 if you like is for the Grade 3 and 4's. In other words the prolapsed Hemorrhoid. This grade Hemorrhoid is sever and thrombus can occur. Here the surgeon will do a running suture of the mucosa (anal tissue) and pull the tissue back into its original position via this running suture.

The magic about this method is that you are working above the Dentate line. Above this line, which is a line you can see in the anal canal, there are no nerve endings above this line and therefore there is no pain associated with this operation. You can even go home the same day and back to work the following day. (The Dentate line is a line where the skin meets the internal tissue of the anal canal.)

I will post some pics of the tools used in a later blog. But for now this is a lot of info to process. Also in a later blog I will give you more detail of the operation and how we find the arteries to ligate with a Doppler.


Hemrrhoids Its no joke!

Actually its regarded as one of the most painful opperations, even worse than giving birth, according to some people I have spoken to.

Did you know that 50% of the population suffer from Hemrrhoids yet only 10% will seek treatment.

And you know why, because its so painful. Just ask anyone who has had the opperation. Please feel free to post any related story to this blog, I would love to hear about it.